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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Baby PT Continued...

Continuing from the last therapy session, this week was SO much better!

First, a tangent.

Since Sam has been born, it never ceases to amaze me how she develops. It's never gradual, like a hill. Everything is a stair step. One day she doesn't sign, the next she's learned 5. One day she won't sit, the next she'll play for hours sitting. This week wasn't any different.

On Saturday, I was a little disappointed, as Sam hadn't made as much progress from all the work we'd been doing since Tuesday's session. Then Sunday came and she blew me away. She sat up in the bathtub, leaning to play with the water. She stood at a glass door by herself, shifting her weight from hand to hand to play with my sisters on the other side of the door. She sat happily in the pew at church, playing by herself and never once tried to lay down.

I was beaming with pride!

And at the therapy session she amazed us again. The therapist said several times how quickly she was catching on and how much she had learned in just 2 weeks.

physical therapy 10 month oldSam loved all the musical instruments Diana pulled out and happily played on them.

physical therapy 10 month oldShe still likes to "fall over" but Diana always makes her work to get back up to sitting

cerebral palsy 10 month oldThe triangle was great motivation (notice the hand on the ground for support!)

cerebral palsy 10 month oldTug-of-war with Daddy (great for ab work)

cerebral palsy 10 month oldTrying to get her to reach for the triangle, she decided the mirror was better because it was within reach.

cerebral palsy 10 month oldShe's gotten so good at sitting that we're suppose to play with her balance, gently pushing her to make her catch herself.

cerebral palsy 10 month oldShe practiced pulling up.

cerebral palsy 10 month oldComing to her knees first

cerebral palsy 10 month oldthen putting one foot down

cerebral palsy 10 month oldThen to standing!

cerebral palsy 10 month oldHaving to do it over and over, however, got a little old.

Our homework this week is to play while kneeling as much as possible, cerebral palsy 10 month oldcerebral palsy 10 month oldand help her come to sitting from laying down. She started putting weight on her elbows while laying on her side this past week (how she "scoots")- so she's already part of the way there!


Anonymous said...
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Rebecca said...
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Rebecca said...

Sammy you are doing so well! We're all proud of you here. Can't wait to see all of this in person.

Kim! You must be beaming with pride. You are doing so great with her. Keep up the good work. :)

Anonymous said...

Oi! Not necessary, Anonymous. If you don't want to know all this stuff about Kim, don't read it. And certainly don't comment about it.

As for me, I love that you're doing this, Kim, and I'm so glad that the PT is helping Sam. Little ones are so surprising!


Kim said...
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joel said...

OMG! Kim run for the hills! you have drawn the attention of the great Anon trolls!!!... or maybe it was just some punk wannabe that thinks he's cool cause he's been to 4chan before. oh well, love yah sis, keep up the good work!

Shari@Tales from the Sippy Cup said...
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