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Friday, July 4, 2014

4th of July

We had to find a pose for the yearly father/daughter photos we do on the 4th. 
This is the "chosen one" to be duplicated each year.

Although this came in a close second...

...Third place...

No words :)

I attempted to do some firecracker games...

They had to call the color they were going for.

In the end they just wanted to throw them at Amanda.

Wait for it....


So many things happening in this picture!

Everybody say "Happy Fourth of July!"
Grayson said it too, just didn't know to look at me.  I've got to learn to be more specific.

Poor Cora.

She was not impressed and wanted to be INSIDE.

Samantha's Levi watching Amanda's Levi. 

I could not for the life of me get a good pic of these two. 
Sam kept doing goofy stuff, so it's just her legs and pursed lips this year!
I SWEAR Jeremy has other shirts...
Charlotte had loads of fun with her Godmother and went to bed at 7pm.  When she got up to eat at 10:30 I brought her upstairs to see everything and she was all like, "WHERE ARE WE GOING MOM?!?"  She couldn't decide if she liked it or not and was shaking the whole time I had her outside to watch.  She only lost it a little when Sam started to cry from a bonked head.  When we got home I nursed her and she went right back to sleep.  Dream. Baby.

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