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Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Some mornings are rough because the night was rough.  On these mornings Samantha gets to play on her LeapPad.  I set the timer for 20-30 minutes and then leave her with a checklist.  She has to complete it before she can continue playing.
She drew Charlotte in her lap!
These are actually kind of fun to make and I look forward to seeing how she does.


Charlotte is always in someone's lap.
Samantha couldn't hold still she was so excited for Charlotte to see it.

It took her a while to figure out what to do.

Then it came tumbling down!

And Samantha proceeded to ban her from touching it while she built it again...on top of the coffee table...


Granddad and Grandma said...


Granddad and Grandma said...

Love the worklists!

Ram Sam Sam

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