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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Paper Dolls

We've been reading the Little House on the Prairie books.  She's just fascinated by their family. I'd constantly find her reading one of the picture books she got for Christmas and just assumed she was looking at the pictures.  Then one night she closed it and squealed, "Mom!  I memorized it!  Listen!"  and she sang "Pop Goes the Weasel" without skipping a beat.  She even throws in a finger-snap when she says, "POP!"
One of the things Laura and her sisters play with is paper dolls.  One day Sam came running to show me the clothes she'd made for her doll:

Then I showed her how I used to play with paper dolls by getting magazines and advertisements, cutting out the people and creating "families",finding them beds, clothing, accessories, etc.  She's been going at it all day.
Note the vacuum and the swimming pool.

I told her to go put the paperdolls in her room.
She said, "But Mommy, there isn't any room!  There's paper EVERYwhere."
Le sigh.

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