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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Birthday Gift

Amanda is turning 19. She really has blossomed into womanhood this past year.  She moved in next door this month and Sam is asking every 30 minutes in the evenings,  "Can I go see if Amanda is home yet?" We are enjoying the current living situation as much as possible right now as her next move will probably be when she has a different last name... Which everyone is guessing will happen here in a year or so. 
Anyway there are a lot of possibilities in her future at the moment and the suspense kind of gets to her at times.  She's got an AMAZING faith and her relationship with Christ is one that I can only hope to have someday in the distant future.  That being said she is also very eclectic and hard to shop for... And it doesn't help that her love language is (thoughtful) gifts.  This means a gift card just doesn't cut it.  I came up with a vague idea  in my head  and scored all the pieces on clearance at hobby lobby.  Can you decifer the message?


Melissa K. said...

I believe in sheep?

Melissa K. said...

(kidding, by the way. I get it!)

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