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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Food Plan Week Two

eggs mixed with stuff and eaten with paleo bread
double chocolate banana muffins (for the girls...until Friday!!)

Cauli-hummus (can't believe I didn't find out about this before- I've missed hummus so much since I realized legumes wreak havoc on my intestines)- meh, was ok.
spinach chips
zucchini chips
roasted nuts
paleo cheese crackers for the girls
freeze dried fruit for the girls

 turkey bacon club salad
taco salad
paleo bread with lunchmeats

chicken and zucchini poppers with asparagus and side salad
pork chops with golden coins (carrots cooked with ghee and cinnamon) and mashed cauliflower
spaghetti and zoodles (it was a big hit!)
paleo mac n cheese- NO one liked this one.  We might try another that uses nutritional yeast...and we're getting a little tired of cauliflower!
Tacos salad and mexican caulirice- Jer and the girls loved it...it was just too watery for me.
potsticker asian noodle soup- OMGOODNES this was awesome.  Definitely a keeper!!

not finding any that are good without sugar!  I plan on eating some of the girls' coconut icecream on Friday!

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