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Monday, May 18, 2015


Child of mine.
You are crazy fun.  And crazy loud. 

Mainly due to this one's influence...

Luckily, we love her too.

Your feet are rarely both on the ground at the same time.

You love adventure.
And are always in the midst of a never-ending-story.

It's so hard to hold in all the excitement you have in such a tiny body.  It tends to leak out in loud, high pitched noises.
You've been harnessed with my need to get things right the first time...

Luckily, we are working through things a second time together.  And slowly you are learning that's ok.
And when we reach new milestones...

...You are able to soar...

...And enjoy life again.
You are mischievous...

...in the best possible way.  No one can make Charlotte laugh like you.

Whenever I'm worried about you being weighed down by all that you carry...

...and growing up WAY too fast...
You quickly remind us that you are (in fact) still a child.

And VERY care-free.

Which is why you continue to steal hearts.

And crack us up.

Happy Birthday, My Love.


The Lukas Family said...

Happy Birthday Samantha!

Granddad and Yia Yia said...

Beautiful job, Kim.

Happy Birthday Samantha.

Granddad and Yia Yia love you!

Ram Sam Sam

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