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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Christmas...in February

Some of you may have received a Christmas Card from us. If so, you should keep it for forever- it's a Lepper Family original and first.

Will be worth lots someday (like when printed photos are obsolete or something).

Anyway, for those of you who didn't make the snail mail budget cut (.44 cents a stamp are you kidding me?!) Here are some from the photo shoot, thanks to my sister Amanda. Plus some with the Sam and Cuz.

Nom nom...

Final Shot given to my mom (and dad) in a frame.

Joel wanted to give them this one.

First time meeting

Holy crap, someone smaller than me?!

Caption, anyone?


Granddad and Grandma said...

Caption: "Don't believe them when they say formula is better that breast milk: it ain't!"

Granddad and Grandma said...

"Can I count on your vote Tuesday for the Newborn Party ticket?"

Granddad and Grandma said...

Another caption:

"Just say No! to mashed peas!"

Granddad and Grandma said...

Final caption:

"I know you said your feet are a size 1, but c'mon we both know you're at least a size 2!"

Ram Sam Sam

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