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Monday, February 15, 2010

Allergy/Planning Update

I thought I'd update how the whole food intolerance thing is going.

For future reference.

You know,
for when I need to slather some guilt on the child.
I don't want such details to get foggy!

Just a recap-
We were dairy/soy/beef/tomato/chocolate free.

When chocolate returned, I think I might have over-indulged. Just a bit. Gaining 5 lbs in a week is considered just "a bit" right?

When tomato returned I lived off Jer's spaghetti sauce for a week. When we ran out of noodles, I just ate it like a soup. Yes, it is that good.

When soy returned- oh, how the possibilities (and my waist) expanded.

We're still dairy and beef free. She's allergic to cows. Which is funny, considering how much she makes me feel like one.

Anyway, people have asked me many questions. Some more frustrating than others.

"Wait! Don't eat that- it has bacon...can you have bacon?"

(Um...as in cow bacon?...)

"This has (insert 10 non-dairy ingredients). Can you have it?"

(Well, like I just said- just dairy and beef...so yes.)

"Can you have olive oil?"

"What about garlic?"


I'm not sure what the thought process is, and I know everyone is just trying to be helpful, but seriously- is the category "dairy" that unknown? Do people really think things like olive oil and garlic are dairy?

People (especially fellow mothers of food-intolerant babies) have also asked me how I know what bothers her.
It's simple, really.

I'm either taking care of this child all day:

or this one:

On the planning front:

Back in April I had these "plans":

Have the baby before we move
- yep, made it by 12 days.

Find an apartment for $550 a month (or less???)
- um...kind of. $575 but got $700 worth of new furniture we were planning on purchasing anyway...

Babysit, waitress and tutor to replace teaching
- Well...tutoring is going well. Certainly doesn't replace teaching, but $120-180/week for 4-6 hrs of work ain't bad, right? Shaklee is certainly getting there too!

Become certified to teach NFP- Let's see if we can make it the first year postpartum without getting pregnant again and then we'll revisit this goal, k? Not that it isn't working, so much as I'm not as diligent as I was pre-pregnancy.

New plans!

1) Be debt-free by Dec '11 (currently in the red 75K. 100% SallieMae--BLAH! Not sure how this is going to happen, considering we currently don't make that much in 3 years- so let's maybe re-label this as a wish?)

2) Hold off on baby #2 until debt free

God, I'd love it if your sense of humor made #1 happen sooner. Thanks!

Also, happy 1-year of blogging to me!


mrs.messi said...

Hey! I just found your blog through Friday Follow - I know I'm a few days late :-P

Your daughter is adorable!

Kelly said...

Yes! Happy Blogoversary! I love the "I'm either taking care of this child or this one" comparison...funny! You have a cutey though! Oh and to answer your question from before...no snow on the ground over here b/c we're in California...we don't have snow but we do have high taxes!


Kelli @ writing the waves said...

My youngest brother has major dairy allergies. Life threatening when he was a baby. It's calmed down over the years, thank goodness. The questions get a little ridiculous, don't they? But better safe than sorry.

You are a teacher too? Very cool. I taught elementary before I had my kiddos. Noah will start school in the fall of 2011, so I'm hoping to start back with him.

Good luck with your plans! :)

That Married Couple said...

Happy blogiversary!

Ashley Mutschler said...

Sam is getting so BIG!! And she is super cute (and looking more Hilger).

I like you goals (and revisits) :)

Ram Sam Sam

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