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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Palate Pushers

I think it's funny when people ask if Jeremy and I fight/argue. They think we're this perfect couple.
I just laugh.

Yes, we do.
Fight that is.

But not over the usual stuff like money and the thermostat. Dave has taken care of the financial worries and, as luck would have it, we both loooooove a freezing cold bedroom.

What we fight over is food.

Jeremy is from Texas.
I'm from Nebraska.

We may as well be from Mexico and China.

Now, I'm not that picky. I have foods I don't like- but very little that I just can't swallow.

I'm not a fan of BBQ and hot dogs and can't stomach meatloaf (yes, I like meatballs, no they aren't the same thing) peas and ketchup.

Jeremy is picky. And has a very expensive palate.

He prefers steak, roasts, lamb, bacon- you get the idea. He avoids at all costs casseroles, ground beef (hamburgers are ok), creamy/cheesy dishes, and...as he just said, "I don't know what else...anything you like to make."

We both like Italian and Asian- but spaghetti, lasagna and stir fry gets old really quick, no matter how good the recipe.

After many tears (yes, I've cried over meal planning) and Sam's food allergies- I've given almost all food planning/cooking to Jeremy. I always wanted to be the homemaker that has meals ready for hubby when he gets home- but he's so darn picky and loves cooking, that duty has been designated to him. He cooks, I bake (cleaning is a whole 'nother issue).

But with Jer in charge and my food limitations in place, our food budget has been going out of control.

We've come to dread Fridays (new food budget) because the inevitable "What do you want to eat this week" question arrives, forcing us to stop and think.

Which really hurts these days.

We decided to give it a shot. Jer promised not to whine if there was a meal he didn't think he'd like.

So we paid the $15 for 3 months.


CHEAP meal planning with grocery lists, recipes and all thinking done for you every week.
Considering we were going $15 over our food budget every week, it's already paid for itself! And the meals are EASY and GOOD and Jer loves getting creative with each one!

(This is also endorsed by Dave. They have options for families of 2, 4 or 6. Weight Watchers, low fat, low carb and vegetarian.)

Like I said- W.O.W.

Here's what we ate this week:

Beef Tips and Rice
We used pork. There weren't any leftovers with this one!

Skillet Burrito with Chips and Salsa on the side
The rice had already been cooked, so this took 15 minutes to make. And was so delicious!

Warehouse Soup with Cornbread Muffins
Because I don't like peas, I'd normally skip such a recipe (included split pea soup from a can). Boy, would I have missed out- SO yummy. Jer did his own thing with this- doctoring it up and substituting his own potato soup for the cream of potato soup. We also found a new breakfast item with the muffins!

Chicken Salad with Fresh Green Beans
I love chicken salad and am not one to try new recipies if I already have one I like. So I went out of my comfort zone for this one. I picked out the grapes, but devoured the rest!

Tilapia with Green Bean Casserole and Seasoned Rice
So, obviously there isn't a casserole or seasoned rice. That's because I cooked this meal and didn't want to wait 30 min for the casserole to cook. Plus I couldn't have the dairy involved in it anyway. And I like plain green beans and rice.

There you have it, folks. Another marriage crisis solved.


Stefany said...

Awesome! I am very interested since you said Weight Watchers were included. whoo hoo!

Granddad said...

Interesting...will have to show it to Grandma!

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