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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sneaky Saturdays

Today's post is number three in the seven week series of Seven Sneaky Secrets Vitamin companies hope you never find out:

Secret Number 3 Everything But the Kitchen Sink

Ever see those supplements that have dozens and dozens of ingredients listed on the label? Those so-called, “All-in-One” inclusive formulas are so weak, you’d have to take fistful of them to get any benefit. With the 30, 50, or more ingredients listed, the pill would have to be the size of a baseball to do you any good.

You would get more energy and nutritional value from eating one grape than from the small amounts of nutrients actually found in these types of vitamins.

Once again, Shaklee supplements are based on actual science, not marketing hype. Each supplement uses the necessary nutrients in the proper amounts for you to actually FEEL the difference in your energy level, your resistance to colds and flu, and to help with long term health.

Wear out your body, WHERE are you going to live?

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Anonymous said...

You were above me in the SITS Saturday Sharefest. I do not know much about your blog, Shaklee supplements something you sell then?

I hope that you have a good weekend!


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