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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Sneaky Saturdays

Today's post is number two in the seven week series of Seven Sneaky Secrets Vitamin companies hope you never find out:

Secret Number 2 The Big Switch

Slightly similar to last week's post...
Underhanded companies switch the recommended milligrams down to micrograms. It takes 1000 micrograms to equal 1 milligram. These companies hope you are not too smart and not too observant.

If an expensive ingredient is on the label, the consumer assumes that the proper amount is in the bottle. Just having the name of the ingredient on the label drives the price up, even if there is not enough in the bottle to do anything.

For example, companies loudly tout that they have lutein in their formulas to help vision. They quote the scientific studies, but fail to mention that the studies were based on 6 milligrams, which is 10 times more than the 600 micrograms they use in their formulas.

Shaklee does not participate in the big switch. Their nutritional products are based on solid science, not on marketing hype. The amounts on the label are at the proper amounts for you to see health results.


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