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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Typical Tuesday

Time for class participation folks!

The other day I almost got in a car accident. Long story short, a kid was texting while driving. When I re-told the story the immediate response was, "Did you honk?" My answer was a resounding,
"Heck yes!"

However, the car next to me, who this kid also almost hit- didn't. My assumption was that his horn was broken. I mean, hello!- the kid made a left-turn into oncoming traffic without seeing the two lanes of cars coming right at him! Who wouldn't honk?! That's what the horn is for, right? To tell the car ahead of you to go when the light is green, and to tell someone who almost hits you that they almost hit you and it was their fault!


Anyway, I'm still trying to figure out WHY the guy next to me didn't honk. When is it appropriate to honk? And if the answer isn't the same, when do you personally use the horn?


Kati said...

Maybe the other guy thought your honk sufficed for both of you? Or maybe he was texting, too, and didn't notice? :)

I honk when I'm going to get hit, or when the car in front of me obviously hasn't noticed the light changed. Those are about the only times I use my horn. Oh, and I used to honk when I came home to annoy the neighbors across the street whose boyfriends would pull up and honk until they came out...but they don't do that any more. :)

Sandra said...

I come from a culture where honking is done ALL the time to communicate with other drivers. So I use my horn more than the average gal...according to my husband. I lay on the horn for a bit if someone totally cuts me off (where it's OBVIOUS they are not paying attention) or when an accident is about to occur..again to wake people up when it's obvious they are not paying attention.

However I do not "honk" often when picking someone up. I will usually get out of my car and go to the door if they are not outside...unless they tell me "just honk when you get here" Then i just do a quick "beep beep" :-)

Sandra said...

sorry, need to clarify; when I said I come from a culture, yes I was born here, but there are some things that are truly "in your blood" and apparently using the horn is one of them :-)

That Married Couple said...

My husband is a big honker, but I rarely honk. I always assumed it was because I'm from a small Midwestern town and he's from the East Coast. I will honk if there's immediate danger, but then I have a hard time even finding the horn!

Megan said...

My policy is "Honk first, think later." Which means that I honk all the time, and then feel guilty about it after I get home. Oh well.

Granddad said...

HONK! When ya gotta and never feel badly. If the other guy isn't paying attention you're doing them a favor by getting them focused on the road...

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