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Friday, March 19, 2010

10 months

Samantha has broken a record! She's the first 10-month-old to refuse sitting up!

Let me tell you, constantly having to find her a place to LAY DOWN is getting o.l.d.

Hold my fingers while she stands?- nope!
Hold onto something while standing? - what's the point in that?
"Step" while standing?- say what?

Just to ease my mother, we are gong to a pediatrician in 2 weeks, just to make sure she is developing all the muscles she needs to be.

Is it bad that I will be embarrassed if she still won't sit up on her birthday?

My only thought is that she's so occupied developing mentally that she just can't be bothered with the physical stuff. She does 11 signs now (she's added light and hungry) and is obsessed with textures and holes.

I was watching how the other kids play with her blocks at play group. They all do their best to open their mouths as wiiiiiiiiiide as possible, trying to eat the block. Sam is not one to eat things. She wants one in each hand so she can bang them together and then scratches and picks at them with her index finger while she's grasping it. Seriously, she plays with her blocks all day long.

So, I dunno.

But what she DOES do:

gives kisses
pulls out my hair while nursing
says "ma mom" and "deh deh dehdehdedhdeh!"
unfolds clothes
gives the funniest scrunchy nosed grin

Here's the 10 month video. Which she herself took. And is great evidence as to why I have not been able to get her doing signs on camera yet.

If you get motion sick easily, you might want to skip the video this month.

1 comment:

Granddad said...

Gadzooks! Maybe Sam is the next Nora Ephron or Amy Heckerling in the making! Lights, camera, action! And doing it all while reclining on her favorite futon attended by well muscled and oiled male slaves....who hang on her every word!

Ram Sam Sam

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