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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Neat Repeatz

I have to brag when I make pennies suffer. We got all our summer clothes (and some toys for Sam) for $110! Considering we do this twice a year, I'd say our clothing budget is at a bare minimum.

Sam was already set with shirts because of her Aunt Dannie. All her dresses from last summer will now be shirts! I'm so excited to put them on her again, as they are SO CUTE!!

Here are a few things we got. Nothing was over $5, and most were only $1 or $2.

neat repeatz
neat repeatz
neat repeatzI even got clothes for myself! I needed casual clothes. I have a ton of fancy stuff from work, and a heap of t-shirts and sweat pants, but almost nothing in between. Here were my two fav finds:

Gap jeans- $6
Shirt- $1
neat repeatzNothing like a new outfit to make one feel skinny and pretty!


Granddad said...

Well.there's my problem...I need a new outfit to feel skinny and pretty...hmmm...maybe not!

Danielle said...

Love your new outfit!
And I think some pics of the Aunt Dani clothes would be just so cute...since I often forget what they look like!

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