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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

What's Up, Doc?

Warning: the following is very scatterbrained and lacks creativity.
Monday- took Samantha to see Pediatrician to get a second opinion about her physical development
Weight: 14.14
diagnosis: Gross Motor Delay
perscription: Physical Therapy (next Monday)

Tuesday- Samantha woke up puking 'til 2pm. Normally this would be a big deal, but this has been happening every 3 weeks or so since she was 3 months. It goes like this: wake up, puke pukepukepukepukedryheavesweatdryheave, sleep, wake up and be back to normal. No fever, no diarrhea- just horrible vomiting that stops as sudden as it starts.
Took her to the doc
Weight: 14.05
perscription: blood work and avoid internet/webmd at all costs

Wednesday- took her to mom's group
weight: 14.08
Doc called at 3:30
diagnosis: ? blood work came back just fine
perscription: appointment to see a pediatric neurologist (tomorrow) and pediatric gastroenterologist (April 30th)

Stay Tuned!
(and prayers please!)


The Lukas Family said...

Awww-prayers and prayers you guys! I cant even imagine how hard it is to see your baby in pain-throwing up is rough at any age-teeny tiny seems like it would be worse! Tons of prayers! Keep us up to date!

That Married Couple said...

Prayer sent!

Megan said...

Poor baby. And poor you, too - that's a lot to handle in just a few days. Prayers coming your way...please keep us posted on how she's doing!

Mom of the Twinkies and Tot! said...

Stopping by from SITS! Is your daughter seeing a pediatric neurologist due to being born premature? I noticed you said she is recieving therapy for some developmental delays?

I have (almost 8 months old) twin daugthers who were born 11 weeks early and are going to a pediatric neurologist and receiving some therapy also. Pretty much just for normal preemie issues, and just routine checks as of right now with the neurologist.

Crystal and Co said...

Stopping by from POM. Your little one is precious! Sending thoughts and prayers your way!

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