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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Typical Tuesday

For debt reduction purposes and other small reasons, we recently sold our '03 Saturn Ion and purchased a '95 Honda Accord.

For years I have baffled at people's additions and emotional attachment to cars. Helloooo-- It's a car.

Then we bought my Honda.

Don't get me wrong- I looooved all the bells and whistles of the Ion.

But it has been a suppressed dream of mine to own a Honda.

It's sinful how attached I am to this thing.

We typically name our cars. Jer's gray '01 Saturn SL is Henry. The '03 black Saturn Ion was Betty. I have yet to name the red Honda. I'm pretty sure it's female and starts with an "A"...I'm thinking Agnes or Angie?


I'm a huge Honda and Toyota fan. This is purely based on online research and limited personal experience. My two big reasons are they run forEVER, really hold their value and are cheap to repair.

My question is, what is your preferred brand and why?


Sandra said...

I've driven quite a few cars since I turned 16; perks (or downside if you get too attached) to having a car dealer and mechanic for a dad! My favorites were my Audi & Honda. I loved them :-). On the more expensive end (and I've never owned one)....I am really drawn to BMW's and it's funny because I really don't get "attached" to cars. However EVERYtime I see a car that I think looks great and sounds nice etc. that I'd want, it always turns out to be a BMW.

Mmmmm..I just remembered I used to have a dream of owning a red convertible rabbit just like the one Laura Holt had on Remington Steele. That was back in grade school and I was sure I was going to be a detective and meet my own Remmy. Well, I guess I could say I DO have my own "Remington Steele" hee hee :-)

Congrats on the Honda...I loved mine!

Melissa H. said...

I have an equally sinful attachment to the Subaru brand. Hubby and I searched for just the right used Forester for over a year before we bought "Lady". Subarus are workhorses, aside from having all wheel drive (a MUST in Eastern Washington State), they also last a loooooooong time.

That said, my first car was a honda accord. I loved that car. It was older than me (an 82 I believe) when we bought it in '99 It lasted until'03 when I sold it for $900 - at which point it needed more than that in repairs. How I managed to sell it was but for the grace of God.

Enjoy your Honda, they're great - make your next car a Subaru.

Honey B. said...

Same thing, Toyotas and Hondas last FORever...my Mom's Camry station wagon is like 10 years old and still running with 350k miles on it!

But my dream car is an Audi, although Marmot says to keep dreaming, or get a raise...lol

Life with Kaishon said...

I am like a super cheap girl, but the car I LOVE is a lexus. I know, I know! I am so ashamed of myself!

I am glad you love your car : )

I am popping over from SITS! So nice to meet you. What a fun blog!

Granddad said...

You have to ask??? MY favorite car is a JEEP! ...and Grandma even picked out our latest one...

Properly maintained they run for decades....and all kinds of fun stuff to modify and add to them...not to mention the ability to go where others fear to tread....

Anonymous said...

Leif loves Hondas and Toyotas too - and I agree they are cheep and last forever. But I hate little cars that make you feel like you're driving a tin can. I learned to drive in farm trucks and have never owned anything smaller than a Buick Le Sabre (with the exception of a hand-me-down 1979 Audi that gave up the ghost a month after I got my liscence)- I've been driving a tank of a hand-me-down '94 Cadilac for the last 8 years - so I'm uncomfortable in anything smaller than a boat. It's getting to be time to replace the poor old thing before things start dying that we cant afford to get fixed on a Cadi but we just can't agree on what kind when I won't drive a tin can and he doesn't see the point of a tank. Ah well.


Tracy @ Hall of Fame Moms said...

Hi! I found you through SITS! I've been checking out your Typical Tuesdays and some of the comments.

Speaking of car-attraction/attachment. I have never ever owned a Suburu but I really like some of them. They look cute, hardy...like a compact SUV ;)

I drive a 2002 Toyota Sienna and have really liked it.

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