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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sneaky Saturdays

I know I've kept you all in suspense for two weeks for the next secret- but here it is!!

Today's post is number five in the seven week series of Seven Sneaky Secrets Vitamin companies hope you never find out:

Secret Number 5 Is an Apple Really an Apple?

Are all apples nutritionally identical? Of course not! The nutritional makeup of each apple is determined by the conditions it was grown under – fertilizer, climate, sunshine, rain, etc.

It’s the same with herbs and their extracts. Many companies cite studies of herbal extracts along with the effective dosages. They then include the exact same dosage in their formula as the report. However, they often use a less expensive, less active form of the extract. For example, the root may be the active form of one herb, but the less active and less expensive leaf is used instead.

Again, you can trust Shaklee to use the proper extract of all herbal formulas. They also do testing on each batch to ensure that the extract strength is correct; too much or too little will affect the results you get. Shaklee is also one of the only companies that insists that the raw herbal ingredient is free of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and anything else that would be harmful for humans to ingest.

With Shaklee products, you can actually FEEL the difference in your energy level, your resistance to colds and flu, and in long term health.

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