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Friday, March 26, 2010

Doctor, Doctor, Give Me the News

Thursday: Woke up at 9:15 and freaked out. Appt with Neurologist was at 9. UG!
9:35 we arrive, barely dressed huffing and puffing.
And then we met the doctor who gets the reward for best bedside manner ever! Seriously, if all doctors were like him, there would never be any law suits, ergo no need for insurance companies ergo the world would be rid of all evil.
Weight: 14.14
Diagnosis: *Deeeeep breath* She has stiff lower extremities and over reactive reflexes (like a ninja) and this could be due to lack of oxygen at birth but we wouldn't know without an MRI and that is not something you want to do with a baby unless you have to because you have to sedate them so we're going to do the physical therapy and wait. (end sentence)

If she doesn't improve, then we do an MRI. He said we could call it cerebral palsy, but that implies it isn't curable. And we don't know that for sure. Cerebral palsy is an "umbrella term"- like saying someone is "depressed". That could mean they are having a bad day, or are suicidal.

When we mentioned I am on zoloft, he said one of the side effects while nursing can be vomiting, so get off the zoloft if I can.

However, I tried a couple of weeks ago and it was a definite no-go. And the doc said the benefits of nursing outweigh the puking once a month. So we're researching our options there as well.

Prescription: "Preschool" aka physical therapy, and see him again in a month. Which gets me all excited. My baby is going to school! She's totally gonna rock and I expect no less than an A.

We're also waiting to see if we can get in earlier to the GI- which would result in a trip to Omaha.

Amidst all this, everyone keeps asking how I'm doing. I'm actually doing great! I'm so relieved it's not life-threatening. I was excited that it was just stiff legs (and not cancer). It was like a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. She isn't being lazy. It isn't my fault for not doing enough tummy time. Even the most remote part of my irrational mommy-guilt brain can't come up with a reason for me to blame myself. This is wonderful news, as far as I'm concerned! I just hope the vomiting mystery is just as simple.

Oh, and did anyone else think of "GI Joe" when I mentioned the GI?


Wendy said...

Praise the Lord! I mean for all the reasons that you said. I will be praying that the therapy is miraculously used of God and everything is normal. God is a mighty God.

Salsa Mom said...

Happy Saturday sharefest!! visiting from SITS. Sorry I'm so late, kids had basketball all day today. I will pray for you and your beautiful baby. As a mom of 5let me tell you, you are doing everything right. Follow your heart... God lives there and he will guide you.

Megan said...

I'm so glad the appt. went well and that you BOTH are doing well!! And I totally thought of GI Joe.

That Married Couple said...

I'm glad you got good news!

Granddad & Grandma said...

Is that the GI dr. Jer uses? Look for a package to arrive Wed. Thought you could use a little something to make you smile. I failed last time to let you know that the baggies and the DVD of a fireplace was from Jenna, but all of this one is from us. You guys will never get over having the Incredibles as part of your wedding!! Love--Ken and Tricia Lepper

Cara said...

Just reading through some of your older posts about Samantha's health. My son (who I mentioned in my other comment had severe colic as an invent) was diagnosed with several food allergies, and reflux. But he was still having lots of trouble gaining weight....tested for CF, celiac, cancer, and everything else under the sun. After a gastric emptying study (have you had one of those?) it was discovered that his tummy empties really slowly (gastroparesis). He doesn't vomit much, but lots of vomiting is a symptom of gastroparesis sometimes. Best of luck with all the tests and therapy! It sounds like you are one great mommy and taking this all in stride!

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